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Welcome to the ligeti center Welcome to the ligeti center

a new institution in Hamburg, bridging arts, sciences, and innovation. The ligeti center was founded in 2023 by the Hamburg University of Music and Drama (HfMT) in collaboration with the Technical University (TUHH), the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) and the University Medical Center (UKE). Our center is situated in the district of Hamburg Harburg next to the waterfront. Since the beginning of 2023 various scientists and artists from different disciplines are working here together under one roof.

From Robots and VR to Healthcare and Performances

The ligeti center’s projects are divided into two primary clusters: Cluster for Transfer of Ideas, Knowledge, and Technology: Various labs, including the ArtSearch Lab, XR Lab, Innovation Lab, Haptic Lab, Production Lab, and Sustainable Theater Lab, aim to integrate cutting-edge technology into artistic performances. This includes robotics, virtual reality, and optical systems. We are also developing sensor systems, interfaces for multimedia music performances, and hybrid musical instruments. Cluster for Music and Health: In that the therapeutic potential of music and sound is being explored, such as a music therapy clinic and stress-reduction installations for healthcare settings. Another approach tries to resolve health issues faced by musicians with novel devices featuring haptic feedback.

Shaping the Future with Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The ligeti center offers an interdisciplinary platform for working on important future topics. The collaboration of different disciplines from different institutions is the core of our approach and key to the creation of innovative solutions. Our mission is to develop transdisciplinary projects that benefit society and industry. In this sense we shape the future of art, science and society.

ligeti zentrum, Veritaskai 1
21079 Hamburg-Harburg

E-Mail: info[at]

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